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              Our Curiosity Fuels Your Possibility

              Strong, lightweight, and versatile, our composites have transformed industries from construction to transportation to energy. And there’s no telling what reach our next innovation will have.


              Our products help make engineered composite material systems that are highly durable, energy-efficient, and lightweight compared to traditional materials such as steel, wood, or concrete.

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              Owens Corning composite products deliver productivity and performance benefits, including enhanced durability, design flexibility, light-weighting (reduced fuel consumption and emissions), corrosion resistance, and more.

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              Compsites End-Use Markets

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              Make Impossible Things?

              At Owens Corning, we engineer and develop composites that are used to create some of the strongest, lightest and most versatile materials that transform industries like Building and Construction, Transportation, Infrastructure, and Wind. We’re a world-leader in engineered materials, relentless in our effort to develop composites that uncover tomorrow's possibilities.

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